Update regarding Coronavirus

We have entered an unprecedented period of global disruption, the likes of which have not been see before by most of the world’s population. The uncertainty of the past few weeks surrounding COVID-19 continues and has reaffirmed to us all the importance of the well-being and safety of our families, work colleagues and communities. Click here for more information.

Introducing FA92 Group

Our goal is to improve the wealth of all those who we interact with, whilst acting honestly, transparently and with integrity.

We provide a platform for Financial Advisers to provide sound financial advice within a compliant and manageable ongoing proposition to help fulfil their clients’ needs and aspirations of protecting, enhancing and managing wealth.

About Us

The fair treatment of clients is central to everything we do.

How We Help Clients

Personal & corporate financial planning.

Most of our clients like to review and refine their plans once a year to make sure they’re still on track to meet their goals and to help ensure they receive advice throughout important life stages. By exploring, discussing, quantifying and then prioritising a client’s needs, we can help ensure that our clients can:


Protect WealthTheir standard of living is protected against the unexpected, with the most appropriate level of cover.

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Enhance WealthThey maximise their standard of living for the time when they do not want to work so hard.

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Manage WealthThey make the most of tax-efficient investment opportunities so that money is available when they want to spend it.

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